Computer aided drafting (CAD) has changed the way that architects, engineers and contractors create and view building plans, maps and drawings. CAD techniques can be used to make nearly any schematic or blueprint used during the construction process. Drafters who are trained to use CAD understand the needs and demands of professionals in the architectural field. For many independent architects and boutique firms, contracting professional CAD conversion services has many benefits.


Enjoy fully editable drawings.

For architects and engineers who need to make changes on-the-fly, contracting with CAD conversion services simply makes sense. Layered drawings are fully editable, allowing for flexibility during the design and building process. Editable CAD files also help firms save money by preventing the need to create or purchase a new drawing or plan every time a change must be made. Editable drawings also allow architects to demonstrate to clients that they are able to meet their needs quickly and efficiently.


Incorporate redlines and mark-ups.

Any architectural or engineering project will have its fair share of redlines and mark-ups. For many architects and engineers, incorporating these items into drawings and plans is absolutely essential. CAD conversion services include the incorporation of these essential items into their own layers or alongside existing layers. Professional CAD drafters understand the importance of correctly converting and rendering redlines and mark-ups on a wide variety of drawings and plans.


Take advantage of dimensions correction.

The best CAD conversion services do more than just turn paper, PDF or raster drawings into CAD files. They also correct problems with dimensions in original drawings. These types of CAD conversion services can save architects and engineers from the time-consuming, painstaking task of changing dimensions in drawings on a regular basis. Professionally trained drafters who handle CAD conversion services can recognize and correct dimensions errors very quickly.


Meet the highest drafting standards.

In today's tough economy, more and more architects and engineers must compete in order to land jobs. Professionals who contract with CAD conversion services increase their chances of making a successful bid by ensuring that they have high-quality, professional drawings, maps and plans to show to potential clients.

The use of CAD conversion services allows architects and engineers to focus on what they do the best. Instead of stressing over drawings on a drafting table, architects and engineers who use such services can devote their time to creating beautiful buildings and structures. The use of CAD conversion services is a boon to architects and engineers who want to work independently or stay with smaller boutique firms.